The Interactive Course on Adjudication

This course is a practical five-day hand’s on course in adjudication for members. It provides essential tools for any new member and serves as an excellent refresher for more experienced members. Under the expert guidance of serving members and counsel, participants discuss - and put into action - current best practices in critical areas such as:

  • basic principles of administrative justice,
  • how to run a fair hearing,
  • how to deal with preliminary matters,
  • rules of evidence for administrative tribunals,
  • managing hearing time,
  • resolving ethical conundrums,
  • dealing with difficult witnesses,
  • providing an appropriate environment for unrepresented parties,
  • making decisions and dealing with other numerous matters.

It is an exceptional professional experience and an opportunity to network with old and new colleagues in the field.

2018 Fall Session - Interactive Course on Adjudication

  • December 10 - 14, 2018
  • 235 Queen Street
    7th Floor
    Ottawa, Ontario